We recommend you read the following advice before you make a decision when purchasing your next mattress.

Best Mattress For Side Sleepers

​As a side sleeper, you should seek a soft or medium-soft mattress ( 2 – 6 on the firmness scale ) that gently gives beneath the weight of your body.

Your ideal mattress is responsive and delivers contouring support, softly sinking in and forming to your body’s natural curvature. 

Choose a mattress with a cushioning layer on top that softly hugs you, correcting your pelvic rotation and helping you to maintain a straight spine. Once your spine is aligned and relaxed, stress and pressure will melt from your body. You will wake up feeling renewed.

Memory or latex foam mattresses with high-density base foam layers are ideal, as are hybrid mattresses, which unite the traditional support of springs and pressure-relieving memory foam.

Recommended Mattresses for Side Sleepers

Revolution 2.5

Prestige 5

Crown 4

​Elite 4

Prosperity 3

Heir ET 6

Reflection 5

​Rejuvenate 5.5

Best Mattress For Back Sleepers

What benefits should a back sleeper look for in a mattress? Natural and neutral alignment of your head, neck, and spine and lower back support. 

As a back sleeper, avoid stiff, unyielding spring mattresses that push against your spine. Avoid super soft mattresses that won’t adequately support your back. 

Choose a mattress that is medium-firm (5 – 7 on the firmness scale) with curvy support. Two to three inches of cushiony memory foam or latex layered on top of high-density foam will offer ample, flexible support. Hybrid mattresses are ideal, too, layering memory foam and individually pocketed springs that deliver consistent, responsive support across the length of the body.

Recommended mattress For Back Sleepers

Heir ET 6

Dreamer 7.5

Reflection 5

Rejuvenate 5.5

Heavenly Hybrid 7

Select 8

Endurance 8.5