Dr Oz Good Life This sleep line was created with a doctor’s eye to take your sleep from suboptimal to incredible—because insufficient sleep is the No. 1 problem impacting your health and preventing you from living your best life

Cool, Comfortable Sleep

Every design detail of our Good Life™ mattresses supports airflow and cooling so you can stay comfortable—especially if you are a warm sleeper. Our CoolRelax™ gel infusion pulls heat away from the body while our open cell foam transfers and releases that heat through the precision-ventilated grid.

And our Pro mattress even incorporates a base layer of zoned coils that enhances airflow while minimizing motion transfer so if your partner readjusts during the night, you won’t feel a thing.

Active Cooling

The Hybrid Mattress Premier helps you sleep 8 degrees cooler with SleepDegree™ active cooling technology.* Created by NASA, this technology actively absorbs heat when it gets too hot and releases heat when it gets too cold.

Automatic Snore Solutions While You Sleep

The patent-pending Snore Detection feature in our app uses artificial intelligence to detect your snores, then seamlessly adjusts your bed. It’s all automatic and hands free, so your sleep is never disturbed.