Floor Models - Factory Closeouts

When the manufactures discontinue a collection or model, we offer our customers the opportunity to purchase floor samples at significantly reduced prices. This is often a tremendous opportunity to buy a premium product over 40% off.

Also, from time to time we offer models with Slight blemishes, or imperfections. These are 100% structurally the same as the model you would pay Full Regular Price. The blemishes are Limited to a small scuff, or small dirt mark and will Never interfere with the Comfort or Structure of the Mattress. These things happen during mishandling either at the factory or in transportation .

Please keep in mind that when you buy a showroom model, or clearance model, it is a final sale, and Manufactures warranties do not apply. However , for your protection you can purchase a 10 Year Platinum Warranty that offers the same protection as the original Factory Warranty.